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Book Report

Hey there Brew Students - I just wanted to drop a quick post on some books. 

I just finished up Vienna Lager by Andreas Krennmair (what a great read), Vienna/Oktoberfest/Munich lagers are some of my favorite beers to drink and brew. I almost can't resist when I see one on a beer list. 

I will set up a side by side experiment with my Vienna Lager recipe vs the modern suggestion from the book. Look for that post in a few weeks. Also I am just starting up this book report series, so one is incoming for Vienna Lager by Andreas Krennmair.

Next up for books, I just picked Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing by Lars Marius Garshol off the beer book shelf. I thought I had read this already, but doing my prereading scan through the pages I clearly have not. So look for that book review in a few weeks and an experiment inspired by that book as well. 

If you have any experiments you want to see me do, let me know. 

Ok that's it for me, study hard, and there will be beer!

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