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It IS simple.

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

It IS simple, but it IS not easy.

Solve all your problems with simplicity:

Do you really want to have more money, change your body, different love life?

Then the answer really is simple; eat fewer calories than you burn in the day and simply work out more.

Want to stop stressing out about money, simply spend less than you earn.

Are you waiting for someone to change? Simply stop waiting or at the very least change your expectations of that person.

Do you want to be happy? Simply find what makes you happy and do that. Simply find what makes you unhappy and stop doing that.


It IS simple, BUT it is not EASY.

Why is this a post in a beer blog? because this is my simple but not easy moment!

After dreaming and planning and talking about starting a YouTube, Web Page, Blog, Facebook...extra. I finally faced up to my "it's not easy" and found my, "but it really is simple". My first step on my thousand-step journey starts here. (does anyone else hear the word journey then the piano key to the song start in your mind... you know the one. Why yes, I did stop writing this and listened to this song,, before I came back to finish this blog post. I will have a brain worm for the rest of the day... and if you do too then, you are welcome!)

And here we are, on my blog.

What can you expect from this page? Well...GROWING PAINS. I am new to all of this. I am not an expert, in anything. Homebrewing, writing, blogging, taking pictures; however, this is my creative outlet and I want it to be great.

Why should you read this? Because I will be entertaining, funny and informative.

Someday I may be an expert and you will have evidence that I was once like a newborn baby giraffe to the beer world, cute but awkward.

I am on a Journey -and I can’t Stop Believin'

“Yuuust a small town girl.......

liven in a lonely world..........

Workin' hard to get my fill……

Everybody wants a thrill…

It goes on and on and on and on”

See you in the my next post.

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